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Sentencing someone to death is a big deal and if they are sentenced to death but not guilty It Is not fair them or the victim. To date, 141 Innocent people have been executed after being sentenced to death (Carter). This number is far too large and needs to stop growing. “In 201 1 alone, 3 men In California were exonerated after decades In prison” (Carter). This wicked cycle of exoneration will continue unless the death penalty is ended. Execution is an expensive sentence which is making tax payers spend a lot of more money than need be.

In California, housing death row inmates is almost twice as expensive as housing someone in the general prison population and trial costs can run up to $1 million per case, up to 20 times the cost of a murder trial where prosecutors are not asking for the death penalty. ” Consequently, Californians current death penalty system has cost them $4 billion Monsoon). In California proposition 34 was placed on the ballot for the last election, It would replace death penalty with life in prison without parole.

As well as “requiring all convicted killers to work and pay situation to a victims compensation fund. ” If proposition 34 was passed It could save taxpayers up to $130 million (Carter). Proposition 34 would be a good thing for Californians to pass because they could use that money to better other things in their state. There are many alternatives to the death penalty that would save people’s lives but also money. Some would say that the death penalty would be a crime deterrent because everyone fears death and that would deter people from committing murder. Research to date on the effect of capital punishment on homicide rates is not useful n determining whether the death penalty increases, decreases, or has no effect on these rates, says a new report from the National Research “Current Research Not Sufficient to Assess Deterrent Effect of the Death Penalty’). In addition, a survey of 400 police chiefs the death penalty was ranks last of ways to reduce crime (Carter). The death penalty Is doing no good for the United States. It wastes money and kills Innocent people. Nor does It deter people from committing heinous crimes.