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The purpose of the proposed research is to create a vaccine proposal to be sent to the FDA protecting Americans from Anthrax, small pox and sarin. This proposal demonstrates clearly the immediate need for approval of legislation to provide protection to the American people from chemical and biological warfare, in the manner described below.
To research the good and bad of this vaccine one must observe previous empirical studies providing data on the use of vaccines against chemical agents or biological warfare. In this case, there are according to Rettig (1999) several "RAND" reports available for review on the negative health effects of chemical and biological weapons including those causing infectious diseases; there are also dozens of reports with positive information related to the use of immunizations including vaccinations against biological warfare in these reports (p.6). Thus, to investigate the efficacy of a vaccine such as the one described, the legislature would need to commence investigation of the positive elements of the vaccine using experience and testing on live volunteer subjects or by other means to show the benefits of using the vaccine outweigh any side effects that may occur.
One may argue that any vaccine carries with it a small possibility of infection, meaning the person vaccinated may not respond well or may develop the disease the vaccine or immunization is supposed to cure. There is however, little evidence in this case a vaccine against the chemical and biological agents mentioned would do more harm than good. It is essential the government develop a list of arguments in favor of the vaccine to counter any arguments against the vaccine prior to introduction of the vaccine to the American people. The best way to achieve this is by reporting the percentage of lives saved through vaccination and immunization in similar contexts throughout history, so people can visually and conceptually gras…