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I believe that people need to take more time to appreciate the little things In life. This Is my belief because sometimes the smallest things in life can mean the most to you. Take for example if one of your family members or close friends pass away and you have something to remember them by. The Item you may have may be useless to someone else but to you it means the world. The little things in life may be some of the things that get you through your everyday routine.

They could even be considered as something big that someone else may want or need. For example, your mom goes out and purchases you a shirt and It Isn’t quite up to you standards. You would probably throw It out thinking that you can Just go out and replace It. While you’re doing that, there are many kids In this world that don’t have a singe piece of clothing to call their own. To them It would be a miracle If they had the shirt you got rid of. Sometimes it can be the smallest unexpected things that can make such a big preference to us in life.

While you may be shooting for the big things, why not try to shoot for something smaller? You never know how big the smallest things turn out to be. Something so small as a smile can have a huge impact on someone who is having a bad day. Telling a loved one “l love you” may be all they need to hear to make it through their day or maybe even their week. Those things are really small arena they? Yet they can have such a huge impact and you would never know it.

I’ll end this short essay with a quote that caught my eye, “The blind only wish to see, the deaf only wish to hear and the mute only wish to speak. Things that seem of lust little value to us, can be all that someone else wants… Appreciate even the little things in life. Many are less fortunate. ” This quote caught my eye because it simply states that we as people need to stop taking the little things in life for granted because everyone is not as fortunate as the next.