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The United States is one of the most, if not the most powerful country in the world, and yet it still has it's imperfections. These flaws include racial and ethnic profiling which are defined as police practicing the stopping and searching of African-American and Hispanic drivers at rates which are inconsistent to their numbers on the road. Is it right that a person should have to worry about being stopped by a police officer just because they are Black, Hispanic, or some other foreign nationality?No, it's not.It comes without saying that these kinds of things happen in other countries too, but this is our country and something can be done about it.
After 20 or more years on the force, police officers say they start to see patterns of the people they pull over. They unconsciously fit them into categories and might not realize that they eventually pull over a black man just because he is black.Police officers need to be aware of what they’re doing. One way to do this is through training. They can be taught to recognize and acknowledge their possible racial profiling actions. Or they can be taught how to prevent future actions.Education is also key to ending racial profiling. There is far too much misunderstanding and miscommunication between police officers and members of the community.These attempts at reducing racial profiling may not always be successful, so another possible way of ending it would be by requiring policemen and other law enforcement officials to keep detailed records of each individual they stop to question or search.These records should include the person;s race, the reason why the individual was stopped, whether or not the car searched,whether or not a ticket was issued, and whether or not or any illegal goods or weapons were found when the traffic stop occurred.
In an interview in the New Jersey Star Ledger, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, Colonel Carl Williams…