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As discussed in “Terrorism and Political Violence,” by Alex Schmid, there are multiple frameworks in which terrorism can be defined (Schmid 2010, 197). In Schmid’s article, he discusses the five ways he feels terrorism can be looked at, terrorism as/and politics, terrorism as/and crime, terrorism as/and warfare, terrorism as/and communication and terrorism as/and religious fundamentalism (Schmid 2010, 197). This is interesting because it explores the concept of terrorism in different lenses, where each has its own motives, its own background and its own participants. This is important to understand because not every act of terrorism is done in the same light and for the same purposes. Just as any other crime, there are reasons behind the act. When studying terrorism, understanding motives makes all the difference, and understanding what is at stake for the attacker or the attacked helps fully conceptualize the matter. As defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, acts of terrorism can fit into one of two ways, domestic terrorism and international terrorism ( Although, there are two types, overall the FBI defines terrorism in general as a violent act intended to manipulate the civilian body, the government, and/or to involve putting people in danger on a federal or state level ( Meaning that someone (organization, government, institution, etc.) violently attacks someone else (government,…