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There are many different types of controls in policing that keep the police profession in check. These controls are very important; with out them our police force, and the acts of police brutality in our police force would run rampant. There are two different categories. Thefirst being Internal controls which consist of hiring policies, training, supervision, and disciplinary codes.The second consists of external controls, which are made up of external review boards, interest groups and the media.
Thefirst set of controls for police are the internal.A major part of this type of control has to do with training.With proper training police officers will be comfortable in any and all of the many stressful situations that they may be put in.This is very important because without this training an officer may be putting his life and the lives of others in the community at risk.By knowing what to do and when to do it the officer is able to control his or her own behavior and thereby will hopefully not overstep the boundaries of policing.Supervision is another type of internal control but like the previous one is very important.It is always necessary to have someone with more experience supervise you.This is good for two reasons thefirst being, it gives the "supervisee", or the one being watched a chance to pick up new techniques that weren't shown in the academy but that do work in the street in helping to stem the misconduct problem.Secondly, having a supervisor makes you feel more responsible for your actions.This being said you would tend to make better decisions for fear of punishment or reprimand from the supervisor.Another type of control has to do with disciplinary action.If an officer breaks a rule for misconduct, he or she will be disciplined.Depending on the type of crime or misconduct that the officer has committed, he or she