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Police brutality is out of hand a line needs to be drawn between excessive force and brutality. In recent years police brutality has come into the view of the public. While citizens worry about protecting themselves from criminals, it has now been shown that they must also keep a watchful eye on those who are supposed to protect and serve. This paper will discuss police brutality in the USA, around the world, cases where policemen were acquitted and is brutality racially motivated?
"Few scenes are more repelling than police officers engaging I what appears to be gratuitous violence. The video tape scene from Philadelphia last week, with officers kicking and pummeling a man at the end of a perilous chase"(Christian science monitor 2000). If u view the facts of the case the victim shot an officer and stole his car when he was caught the beating took place. Policemen were on retaliation but is does not make it right. One would say that being a policeman is one of the most stressful jobs out there; because you have to deal with street crimes, gangs, drug buyers and dealers, and not to mention violent crimes involving guns. Worrying about police brutality would probably decrease their ability to fight crimes effectively.
In many cases police are not in danger but regular people are such as in the killing of Malcolm Ferguson on March 1, 2000. After protesting against the verdict of the Amadou Diallo trial Malcolm Ferguson was arrested. Five days later on March 1,2000 twenty three year old Malcolm was murdered in a soundview apartment building in the Bronx. He was shot in the back of the head as he lay face down unarmed, on a second floor landing. No charges were brought against the cop who shot Malcolm. Or even in Orange New Jersey where police brutality came to a fatal end, with the death of Earl
Faison. There were five policemen involved in his death. Each policeman was not only charged with police brutality, but also v…