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-BTEC Health and Social Care Level 2
Unit 2 Task 1

Rules of Confidentiality
Confidentiality is the protection of someone’s personal information. Confidentiality means keeping the information between you and the client, and not telling others such as co-workers, friends, family etc.
Discussing Client Details and Permission
If you start talking to people about what someone has or where they live then they may tell other people. 10 people could tell 10 other people. Those 100 people could tell 10 other people. Sometimes confidentiality needs to be broken. If it endangers someone or a group of people or if it something illegal. If someone talks about their past they may want to tell you only. Some people can be labelled as …show more content…

You can tell staff if you ultimately need to or if you have permission to tell family/staff.
Maintaining Dignity
Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect. If you talk about someone’s condition and joke about it then you are not giving them dignity. Treat everyone as a unique person. If you laugh or joke around about their condition to their face tor ridicule them this is not giving them the dignity they deserve. Some people if they are being cared for may feel like they are losing dignity as they cannot dress or clean themselves. Some nurses make fun of the patient. This can lead to them losing confidence. If someone does lose confidence then you should still respect them and treat them with dignity. Some people might get angry if they have someone else washing them as it could be seen as degrading. They can also make it harder for the nurses to do their jobs. As in washing or clothing them. You can give someone dignity if you allow them to do as much as they can safely. The carer should make it safer for the person. If the carer doesn’t let the patient go at their own pace they will both get annoyed. This won’t show dignity from either side. If you don’t show dignity the person may become depressed and will develop a hatred for people helping them. Dignity is important because of this. If someone gets really depressed and stays like that they would become a problem as they could .