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The Varsity Lacrosse Team Since sixth grade I have been working hard, putting forth the extra effort, staying as healthy as I can, and practicing as much as I can, Just to make the varsity lacrosse team. To my surprise, Just two days after try-outs, I had made It. Making that varlets lacrosse team Is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life so far. About a month before try-outs I had to get my act together and start working out. So everyday after school I would go with my friend Tremor to the gym so I could run and get In shape.

This was crucial because I hadn’t run much since last summer. After working hard at the gym, another aspect of my game had to be brought up to the next level, shooting. So Instead of my dally routine of going to the gym after school, I would go home and shoot on my lacrosse goal. Everyday after school I would at least shoot a little bit in hopes of making varsity in March. After two hard days of mostly running at try-outs, I received a phone call from our new varsity lacrosse coach, Coach Simms. He called to congratulate me on making the varsity lacrosse team. This was truly one of the most memorable moments of my life.

He told me that I was going to be the only freshman on varsity but that all that players were going to be Just fine with that. Turns out a few of my good friends came from the team, which was nice. Making the varsity lacrosse team was a great experience that I will never forget. Try-outs this spring should be fun because we are going to be a great team this year. Putting in a lot of hard work and getting rewarded for that work is one of the most humbling feelings a person can have. Making the team taught me that with enough perseverance and hard work I can reach ant goal I set for myself.