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The greatest Journeys in life begin with the smallest steps. ” My journey off lifetime began with a small step through the gates of The Settlers High School and today it is that very step which proved to be my greatest and wisest, as it led me through the doors of an extra-ordinary school in which my great journey of self-discovery and self-development began. Greetings.

Today I am faced with the hard task of delivering the most difficult speech I ever had to make, but what makes If difficult is not the fact that I have to say farewell to that and those which and ho became my home and family for five years, but because I have to express, what to me, Is Inexpressible – the love, the pride, the gratitude and appreciation that I feel towards my school and the people who molded me Into who I am today. All my life It has always been my dream to leave something of myself behind. Wherever I went and whoever I met.

I wanted people to remember me. I wanted to walk In a room and people would know that I have entered and when I left. I wanted my footprints to remain in the lives of those whose path I have crossed. And people, when peaking of me, would say, “Kristin, yes, how could I forget her? She is the one who touched my life. ” I wanted my life to say, ” I was here and in this time, I lived, loved and left a legacy. ” People say that one lives as long as your are remembered so my dream to be remembered was deeply rooted in my desire to live forever.

My desire to make a significant change in the lives of others, that would live on long after I was gone. It was a desire, which drove me to my purpose: Dodo more for other then they can do for me. And it is with this purpose that my years at Settlers began. Throughout my five years here, I have come across many people who have left their mark in my life. Whose kind words, encouraging pat on the back and friendship are forever imprinted in the chambers of my heart. People often say that when God wished to bless us, he does not send us unlimited riches.

He sends people into our lives. Today, it is my honor to thank all those whose footprints have shaped my life and my character. Firstly, to the three most important people in my life, my mom, my dad and my sister, Philae. Few people in life have that rare talent and humility, to rate in another, a sense of self worth, of dignity and of confidence. Few people have the courage to believe in someone when other start to doubt. Few people in life have the spirit to cheer for another when the whole world boob’s and enough love to make someone smile who has nothing left to smile about.

Few people have enough understanding and gentleness to wipe away another’s tears, enough strength to carry someone who has fallen. Few people are Like you. You are a blessing for which I will always be grateful. Your support, your love and your patience have made my five- ear Journey so much more bearable. You are my role models – the people who I look up to most – my heroes, but most Importantly, my closest friends. Always remember that to this world you may only be three people, but to me you are my world. I love and appreciate you more than my limited vocabulary can tell.

Mr. Webster, being in the presence and company off wise man like you, is like going into a perfumery. You may not buy a thing, but the sweet scent will cling to you for a long time. Your influence and great leadership was a scent that rubbed off on me and to which I will the staff of The Settlers High. Robert Louis Stevenson said: mirror success is determined, not in the harvest you reap, but in the seeds you plant. ” You have planted seeds in us, the metrics, with great care. You have cultivated us with love and knowledge over the years and have watched us grow.

Today, we are the fruits of your labor. However, the season has now come and we are ready to be uprooted from familiar ground and taken from your care. Thank you for helping these 196 seeds grow into strongly rooted trees that can withstand the parasites of misunderstanding, the winds of ignorance and the waters of miscommunication. We appreciate you and will miss you dearly. Metrics, it has been my honor and privilege to have been part of a metric group as talented and as full of zest as that of the class of 2004.

We have spent some good years together, and to be honest, some of the best years of our lives were spent within the walls of The Settlers High School. We laughed together, we cried together, we shared secrets, lunch and even guys, we shined, but most importantly, we stuck together no matter what. In the good times we were drawn closer together and in the hard time, even closer. We have all rowan. We have found in each other, true friendships that will last a lifetime. We have left our mark in this school and in one another’s lives.

I often say that what is valuable is not what you have, but who you have in your life. Thank you each and every one of you for adding value to my years here. Some of us, as sad is it may sound, may never ever cross paths again, but even so, I am thankful that our paths have crossed and that I have been afforded the opportunity to share the best five years of my life with all of you. The world we are entering consists of two kinds of people: those who work and those who get credit. Try, if you can, to form part of the first group.

There is far less competition. With that, I wish you well in the pursuit of your dreams and wish to leave you with this: Opportunity knocks at the strangest times. It is not the time that matters, but how you answer the door. So answer it with a smile. To my prefects and partners in crime, Ryan Stephen Africa. Without your support, this year would not have been half as successful as it was. For that I am enormously grateful. Thank you for the lessons I could learn from working with oh. But most importantly, thank you for your friendship.

To all my friends in all the grades, but especially those in grade 12. I have made many mistakes in my time here. I must also admit that I have many regrets and if I were given the chance to relive my life, there would be many things that I would like to change, but meeting you and becoming friends, is definitely not one of those things. Thank you for the privilege I had to get to know you, I hope that I have touched your lives as much as you have touched mine. I love you and will remember you always. Finally, my highest raise to the Person who has had the most influence in my life.

Who has shaped my life for the better and have left only one row of footprints in the times of my life when I need Him most. The one row showing the times He carried me through it all. My Savior and Lord. Without Him, nothing would have been possible. At the end of my journey, when I am left to analyses the success of my time here and determine whether I have truly left something of myself behind – I do so not by counting the amount of trophies, medals and awards to my name, but counting the true friends I eve gained along the way.

Which brings me back to my original statement about one chance to make something worthwhile of our time. To live our life in such a way that when we leave, a part of us lives on. When I look back, I realize that what matters most is not dates, but rather the dash between those years, for it speaks of how your time here was spent. When I came to Settlers, I knew that I was not always going to be the best at my game, but that did not mean that I could not leave my mark in everyday life and add meaning to my dash. I t Just meant that I had to hang my focus.

I no longer strove to be the best, but rather strove toward being a better person, and in doing so, be the best I could be. Not many of us will slay any dragons, cure any disease, be famous sport stars, excellent academics or talented musicians, but we are all called to be kings and queens in our everyday lives, because we have the power to make a decision to be better today than we were yesterday and so add value to our dash. So that, when you have reached this stage in your life, your dash will say: I was here, and where I was, people were glad that I name around.

Wherever you go and whatever you decide to do with your time here at school continually ask yourself: Will I be proud of what people have to say about how I spent my dash? I know I am. Metrics, we can take comfort in knowing that we have lived our dash to the fullest and in doing so, our memory will continue to live on in the hearts of the learners and within the walls of this school. I am somehow sure that I have left my mark in this school, the evidence of which can be seen on the Head Prefect’s board, prominently displayed in the hall foyer.

But what I left behind goes far deeper than my name on a board. It is a message that says: My name was written here, not because the school wished to honor the exceptional life of an individual, but to remind others what is possible in their own. In closing, I pray that you will take from my speech these words from John Greengage Whittier, and remember it always, as you continue in your Journey through school: “For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been. ” Settlers, it has been great- I bid your farewell. You are always in my prayers. Thank you. Kristin Stuntman