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In this writing Amy Shuffle is the author of “On The Ethics Of Teacher-Student Friendships”. Amy states, “Because friendship is a deeply social conception, it will not do to start with too precise a definition” (Shuffle, 81). This quote means that friendship is an important social concept and does not occur easily, or in another way friendship doesn’t happen fast and takes time to happen.

I agree with Shuffle cause I have a really good experience about friendship and I know how exactly friendships happen. Most of the times friendship does not happen fast and easy. It takes time to find a good friend. You want to have a friend that u can trust on him or her, someone that always has your back. I can compare my ideas with Suffusion’s idea, because the way that I found my friendship between me and my best friend was hard. At the first I couldn’t trust him but after spending more times with him and getting to know him, I started to make a friendship with him.

Reading Shiftiness’s quote and book made an easier understanding for me about the concept of friendship. Now with reading his quote I can remember how I made my first friendship. I want to find more sources about friendships and I’m sure that different books about this concept can help me to understand the friendship better. Works Cited Shuffle, Amyl . “On The Ethics Of Teacher-Student Friendships. ” Philosophy Of Education Yearbook (201 1): 81-89. Education Full Text (H. W. Wilson). Web. 10 Cot. 2013.