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Crooked Cops Police corruption is a universal concept when it comes to law enforcement. Every country deals with its own form of corruption; from the drug trade in South America and Mexico to the prostitution rings in Europe, it is guaranteed that police departments are on someone’s payroll. Corruption, generally defined as abuse of authority for private gain, is among the world’s oldest practices and a fundamental cause of intrastate conflict, providing a focal point for many social groups’ grievances against governments (Bayley & Perito).Corruption has become an epidemic in policing, and is impeding community policing. Sir Robert Peel was credited with the concept that the police depend on citizen cooperation in providing services in a democratic society (Martin). However, many citizens especially in urban lower income areas do not trust police and majority refuse to cooperate or associate with officer whether crooked or not. In some cases, policing has become ineffective because of the crooked and corrupt ones who use tactics that wastes resources, weaken security, and make a mockery of the justice system. Police forces are usually the first line of law and government civilian have interactions and contact. Public trust in law enforcement is necessary in order for a government to succeed. However, Transparency International reported that police in eighty-six countries were judged the fourth most corrupt public institution after political parties, public officials such as parliaments and legislature (Bayley & Perito). This has a direct correlation to civil liberties and quality of life in those countries, because the ones who are suppose to represent and protect the citizens care more about themselves and usually ex.

. .good cop, however, factors faced in everyday life may sway him crooked. The feeling of under appreciation, financial and family stress, or the inefficiency in the criminal justice system may lead a person to forsake his vows. Whatever the reasoning behind it, corruption exists and is not going away as long as we as the citizens sit around and allow it to happen. Until we stand up and demand more integrity and morals from the ones in charge, nothing will change. BIBLIOGROPHY Bayley, D., & Perito, R. (2009.). Police corruption what past scandals teach about current challenges? Retrieved from 294.pdf Martin, R. (2011). Police Corruption. An Analytical Look into Police Ethics. Retrieved from website: