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Arizona Tucson Police Department Special Duty ProgramThe Tucson police department calls their program the “Tucson Police Department Special Duty Program” (City, n.da). The program hires out officers to provide services such as security and traffic control (City, n.da). There are some restrictions to the program where the job must be located within the Tucson city limits, officers must be in uniform, officers must not be hired for events where there will be armed private security, and officers cannot act as witnesses to civil proceedings or provide civil legal services (City, n.da). Officers will not be paid directly by the off-duty employers; The City of Tucson Finance Departments sends an invoice to the person who signed the contract after the event is done (City, n.da).

In addition to the Agreement Regarding Special Duty Police the employer must also submit and complete a Certificate of Liability Insurance (City, n.da). The regular rate for the paid detail police officer is $40.00, for a police sergeant $45.00, and for a police commander $50.00 per hour (City, n.da). Respectively these rates are billed at 1.5 times the rate if these officers are booked within 48 hours of an even meaning the police officer receives $60.00, for a police sergeant $67.50, and for a police commander $75.00 per hour (City, n.da). Officers must be booked for a minimum of three hours and the employer will not be billed if the cancellation is before 24 hours with the time of the event (Helmey, 2013). If within 24 hours the employer will be billed for a minimum of 3 hours (Helmey, 2013). If the employer requires officers to use a police patrol vehicle or motorcycle they will be charges $4.00 per hour and $5.00 for a police command patrol motor home (City.

. .that the City of Henderson will not be held responsible. (Henderson, n.db). The contractors must have liability insurance as well as vehicle insurance (Henderson, n.db).

For more information: Mexico Los Alamos Police Department The off duty employment in the Los Alamos Police Department is handled by the LAPD police records division (Los Alamos, n.d). Off-duty police officers are usually matched to “middle and high school dances, high school football or basketball games, veterans parades, fund-raising marathons” (Los Alamos, n.d). Officers are paid $60.00 per hour and there is a two hour minimum charge per officer (Los Alamos, n.d). The LAPD handles the payment and bills the contractor (Los Alamos, n.d). For more information: