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How complicated can it be to secure the borderland? Nearly 2,000 miles and five states form the Southern border of the United States. Although the nation puts a lot of effort and resources on trying to secure the border, the Southern border remains as one of the most conflictive, active and violent borders in the world. The U.S.-Mexican border is very problematic: Thousands of people try to cross it everyday, violence is generated by the Mexican cartels, and there is an increase on human trafficking. The Border Patrol and the U.S. government face many great challenges, as the cartels become more powerful and corruption increases.

In the United States, there are approximately 10 million illegal immigrants: 62% are Mexicans, 12% come from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and 6% come from Philippines, India and South Korea (Richwine). There are many reasons why people cross the border each day, such as escaping violence, having a better life, or getting new opportunities, but there are also many reasons why illegal immigrants represent a problem for the country. Bill Armistead, Ala.