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Immigration is commonly perceived as having a negative impact on America’s economy. Many would argue that one major downfall of immigration is the utilization of public resources in the form of public education, fire and police protection, and other government provided assistance. Also, some claim that immigrants take jobs that would be available for Americans and by working at a lower wages, immigrants decrease the pay of the job. Unfortunately, these misconceptions listed are all too common within individuals today; the social stereotype of the common immigrant has become rude and filled with ignorance. Even though there may be unavoidable negative effects that come with immigration, there is information to suggest these negatives are far outweighed by the positive impact of immigration. I propose that in order to eliminate the brainless stereotype; general education provided in the U.S. should include lectures, speeches, and other teaching methods that focus specifically on the positive impact that immigration has provided for America’s economy through contributions to the workforce, consumerism, entrepreneurship, taxes, and cultural diversity.

A major part of informing students on the true benefits of immigration includes helping them create a better understanding of the history of people discovering and establishing America. Schools much teach students that America is a country founded and raised by immigrants. European immigrants were the main pioneers as they arrived in large numbers. On the Mayflower in 1620, 102 English colonists arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts in hopes of forming a society that allowed self-government and the creation of laws for the common good (Frey).In 1892, Ellis Island in New York opened its gat.

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