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Police Corruption in AmericaThe missions statement of police agencies usually highlight with pride the maintenance, promotion, and protection of peace, order, safety, and justified law enforcement in communities and the entire nation. Police officers are agents meant to bust crimes and get the bad guys. The police agency that the public use to lean on as the legitimate authority figure to come to the rescue however has created conflicting public perception. The misconduct of some police officers that include abuse of power and corruption tainted the good reputation of the agency overtime. The public trust on the agency has been broken and that has caused some members of the society to distrust and have doubts to service motives of police officers. The growing distrust to the police agencies is a common issue shared by countries worldwide. Police corruption is a costly international malady that also infected the police agencies in America.

History of Police Corruption in America Police agencies have beautiful roles and functions in accomplishing law enforcement for protection and maintenance of peaceful, orderly, and safe society. Police officers are meant to be authoritative figures that can make the people feel safe and protected. The history of policing and establishment of polices departments in America reflect roles of police officers in fulfilling the defined and perceived the public need for law enforcement bodies that will look after keeping the peace and order in the communities. However, the temptations of time and circumstances have been always around and allowed permeation of corruption in police officers. From the beginning of the development of the American colonies, corruption.

. .ty, and loyalty to the department. Conclusion Police misconduct for personal gains for money, for promotion, and for any material exchange undeniably has become one of the most common stories that features police corruption. The unethical conducts that include the powers and influences of fraud and bribery opened good business to some police officers at the cost of eroding public trust and massive financial and economic losses. Police corruption could be hardly eradicated but the police agencies have been trying to resolve the issue and win back the eroding public trust. The issue cannot just be blamed on natural personal inclination of becoming bad cop but the police agency system also has big rules to share. Indeed police corruption is a costly malady that plagued the police in America.