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Personal Ethics Statement Knowing Right and wrong the conduct of individuals. Ethics is a word I live by, because ethics is conducted, in a work environment, and an individual daily life. Try to do the right thing and stand up for what believe in, but I have to take other things into consideration, like other people they don’t think like me, there up bringing is different, the way they conduct their self in society is different from me, and there moral standpoint is different from mines also.

When I took the ethics test on the student web sites I was shock on some of the test and not on other parts of the test. My lens right responsibility and results lens. I balance my reasoning skills (rationality) and my intuitions (sensibility) to determine how fulfill my duties while achieving the area test good for each individual (autonomy). I answered all questions truthfully and as honest as I could.

Blind Spots Sometime fail to be accounTABLE to those who are depending on me, when exercise my free will. As long as satisfied my own needs. I can become emplacement, leaving problems unresolved in the long term and everyone else to fend for themselves. I really can’t say this is me, because I never leave any problem unsolved because that isn’t in my nature to do so. Excuse my langue don’t do anything half ass, and I like to complete what start and ? percent of the time get it done.

Prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. My primary concern is protecting individual rights. I believe this is the best way to assure that everyone in the community is treated fairly. My values rationality and eninsensibilityqually, I believe that while there are universal principles each situation is unique and not all exceptions can categorized for me the best is both consistent and flexible.

I would have to say my strength is looking after others and making sure they are okay and not want for nothing, yes when it comes to the health and while being of others. My weakness is not taking an enough time for myself and finishing projects that have started by helping others. thThink wouldn’t use my personal ethics test results in any way because the results told me things I lralreadynow about myself, that I am good to people and selfish to myself and my own needs.

When it comes to ethics you have to always remember you stand alone with your believes, everyone doesn’t think, act or respond the way you do things, you may believe in and my personal ethics are to be a great person, help others in their time of need, stand for something important, and don’t stand just for anything.