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America has seen a great amount of social change during the past few decades.From they way we eat to the way we treat our criminals to the safety of our children at school, things have definitely changed.The rash of recent school shootings is a sure sign of the breakdown in parenting and a lack of family values being taught to our children.The highly processed foods that we are eating have led to a nation, which is severely overweight and ill.The Criminal Justice system in this country is a joke; it has been shown to be biased against minorities and the poor.A guilty rich man is known as a free man, while a poor murderer is destined for years on death row.
In the Kip Kinkel article we are given a view of Kip's life as told by his friends and classmates.A symbolic interactionist would say that this violence is caused by a break down in the child's social structures, organizations, and culture.The main social structure to decline is that of the family.Twenty to thirty years ago the family was much stronger.There were less single parent homes and the divorce rate was lower.Since these changes have taken place, families have demised and some children have become unruly.
A Structural functionalist would say that the fast food we eat serves two purposes.Thefirst purpose, which is the manifest function, is food which is served almost as fast as it is ordered.This would be a good function of fast food, since it has been labeled fast food.The second function, or latent function of fast food, is the battle of the bulge, which many American's are fighting due to their dependency on fast, over processed food.The food industry is interrelated with corporate America and also with poor Americans.Corporate America generally gives its workers thirty minutes to an hour to eat lunch.To get out get a bite to eat and get back to work in this time; one needs to go to a fast food restaurant.In these s…