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The goals of the senior management at Hausser Food's are simple: meet the sales plan, increase the quota, and diversify the products for increased revenues.Brenda Cooper's personal goals are to move up the corporate latter although she believes her future at Hausser looks bleak.Brenda believes that her job is to come up with new ideas to help keep up the sales of the existing product line.Although senior management wants to diversify the product line, Brenda thinks there are better ways of selling the product and there are new things that they can do to get much more performance out of the line they have now.The Florida sales team sets their goals based on a fun and creative work environment.Every member supports one another and they create a family atmosphere.Instead of thinking about new products to develop, they strive to look for new markets for their existing products.
The existing reward system hinders the achievement of everybody in the company.Instead of increasing pay or a bonus for an increase in sales, the company increases its expectancies of the sales people.There is absolutely no reward for increasing sales.Also, the company's reward for new product ideas is insulting.These new ideas would tremendously improve the company's well being, while it would only reward the founder with a minimal cash payment.The lack of recognition for the top sales people hinders the advancement of these people in the company and their motivation to succeed.Senior management's goals are hurt by the unwillingness of the sales people to sell the product and come up with new ideas.Brenda Cooper's goals are hindered by the lack of opportunity and recognition the reward system gives her.The Florida sales team's goals suffer by the lack of trust and faith between the sales team and upper management.A more effective reward system would include !