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These betrayals cause the narrator to lose his naivety and shatter his innocence. The first time the narrator is betrayed is when he goes to give his speech and gets forced to fight in the battle royal. It shows that the white people don’t care if he wants to give a speech and all they see is the color of his skin. But since he’s such a shining example of following their rules and never questions anything that they say to him or do, they award him with a nice briefcase, and more importantly, a scholarship to a prestigious black college.

The second instance of betrayal that the narrator faces is when Dry. Blessed kicks him out of the college after the narrator looked up to and aspired to be just like him. Blessed betrays him even further when the narrator finds out what’s in the letters of recommendation to jobs in the city. This betrayal especially stings after the narrator really looked up to Blessed and wanted to be just like him, and an innocent mistake that really wasn’t a mistake causes Blessed to destroy everything the narrator has worked for.

Perhaps the most important betrayal, however, was himself. By joining and blindly following the Brotherhood, the narrator betrays himself and his own values. When the narrator truly realizes what he’s done as a puppet for the Brotherhood (nothing), he attempts to do something and they do not help him, instead moving away from the plight of the black people and further towards their own political power. He stays in the manhole after its lid is closed, only ready to come out when he has freed himself of betrayals.