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The name of film is “Age of Anxiety’. After I watched it there are some questions that are raised in the documentary. This is a story about a society on edge, a place where our culture, the very way we live is leaving us feeling more anxious than ever before. Each person when they are interviewed about anxiety, they show different opinions: Arthur Galilean: We are normally anxious because life is dangerous. Many of us are vulnerTABLE to losing a job or being underemployed. We can’t manage whether we are going to get a disease or cost of the time.

Partial Pearson: The other factor I think is really important is isolation, so that sense that, really, nobody does have your back. Question: What has changed? Or has anxiety always been with us and only now taking its place in the culture spotlight? To answer that question, we need to know what exactly is anxiety? It’s a difficult question. Arthur Galilean: so Often there is a confusion in the mind of people when they are speaking when they are talking about anxiety. Are they talking about some normal? Are they talking about something extra normal?

Are they talking about something pathological? Is it a disease? Is it a symptom? Narrator: The dictionary describes it as a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. In reality, it means very different things to different people. Steps: It kind of feels like something is always chasing you; that you are always trying to get away or always trying to get somewhere. There is something always right behind you, coming for you. Jessica: There is just everyday anxiety.

Missing the subway when you are ate for work; trying to get into an appointment and you can’t find a cab. It’s just the city is fraught with it. Narrator: The experience varies because anxiety occurs on a spectrum. At one extreme, it’s a crippling disorder; at the other, a normal, even health, part of daily life. Helen Simpson: Anxiety is not all bad. Think about how in college did you keep yourself up late at night studying for that test to get a good grade.