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Blogging and Politics It was a dark and stormy Tuesday night, but thank God my electricity was not out for if it were, I would be banned from my only happiness: the BLOG RING! I signed on to the internet with trepidation yet excitement. After going through the usual hoops to gain access to my haven and signing in passwords and usernames here and there, I finally reached the world of internet communication and sharing of ideas: free speech at its most liberal. To my horror, I came to find only one message from a fellow blogger I have never met. I decided to check out the stranger’s new blogs. That was a mistake. When the screen popped up the information presented was quite disturbing. It talked about the different ways to torture people for pleasure. The conclusions seem obvious: the internet can be deceiving. With today’s technology it only takes a few seconds to send an instant message from New York to Australia. Since the beginning of voice mail to the advancement of blogs and instant messenger, people use the internet as a source of income and information. So why has blogging become the new process of spreading news? Well, it all comes down to politics. Blogging has changed the internet realm by influencing the way people respond to politics.